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The Basics of Android App Development & Programming

Treehouse has comprehensive online courses to help you learn Android app development and programming at your convenience. Android is the prominent operating system on more devices around the world than any other mobile OS. With Treehouse, you’ll learn Android programming, Android Studio, the Android Software Development Kit, and more.

Not only do we have a full range of courses, you also get to learn them at your own speed. Android is such a widely used platform, that any mobile OS developer can benefit from knowing how to navigate it. With Treehouse, you’ll be able to start programming for Android in no time.

All of our learning tracks are self-paced and organized by skill level. You get to start with our beginner courses if you choose and work your way up. Or dive right into advanced concepts and gain a more specific set of skills.

Our huge variety of courses allows you to customize how you learn. You can learn one skill at a time or spread yourself out amongst a variety of learning tracks. With a minimal time commitment, you’ll be able to learn a new programming language.

With access to a myriad of Android learning resources, you’ll be able to build your portfolio up and include it in your resume. Treehouse provides you with workshops, challenges, exercises, practices, and much more to give you a well-rounded education in programming with Android.

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Interactive Programming Courses for Android

Many people are already familiar with the Android moniker. Most are familiar with it as a type of phone, but it more specifically refers to the software that many phones, tablets, watches, and TVs use. With this software, a full operating environment is available on these devices that does everything from displaying text to handling phone calls to running mobile apps. At Treehouse, you’ll be able to learn how to develop these apps yourself. Android is ever-changing and the tools are changing as well. With Treehouse, you’ll be able to use our courses to stay on top of it. When you learn Android development, you learn how to write powerful mobile applications that can do things like read external data sources, store and retrieve data from back-end systems, access and manage user accounts, and manage photo and video information. With the Java programming language and the Android SDK, or software development kit, you can make these types of apps. Treehouse will help you learn the basics of Java and teach you how to use Android’s tools to develop Android apps.

By using Treehouse, you’ll get the skills you need to start or advance a career that involves Android programming and development. If you want to break into this industry, then Treehouse can give you everything you need to do it.

Treehouse courses are built to be efficient. You can learn these skills quickly, but also in-depth. Even though you’re taking a relatively fast-track, our courses are designed to help you fully grasp the concepts and learn to be an Android developer. You can start from the very bottom with our basic courses or you can diversify your skill set with our more specific, advanced courses. Treehouse lets you learn the way you want to learn.

We also know how full-time jobs or full-time parenting can get in the way of developing a new skill. That’s why our courses are designed to be self-paced. You can take Treehouse courses whenever it’s most convenient for you. Whenever you have time to pick up a lesson, then Treehouse will be the tool to help you get where you’re wanting to go. Many full-time students are able to comfortably complete some of our tracks in three months.

In addition to customizing our learning environment to fit a variety of learning styles, we’ve made sure to bring the best teaching staff on board to help you along the way. With their experience in their fields, they bring a fresh curriculum that is made to help you understand how to apply the material in real-world situations. Treehouse students walk away feeling like they have a full and confident grasp on the subject matter they choose.

Finally, sometimes online learning can feel like you’re siloed. But with Treehouse, you’ll get to talk with other students and teachers through our Slack channel. This lets you build connections while also being able to communicate and work through problems with other students. After Treehouse, you’ll be able to continue to connect with your network, possibly leading to more opportunities for everyone.

Whether you’re needing to start from scratch or renew your skills, Treehouse is the perfect solution. Coding languages are very prone to change, so our courses are always fresh with the latest knowledge you need to have for any given programming language.

Meet Your Built in Code Editor

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A fully browser-based code editor designed to make learning with Treehouse a breeze.

Using Workspaces

The built-in code editor will assist you with your markup. This will help you identify any potential issues as you practice your coding skills. This ensures you will pick up on any mistakes you make early on, which will help you to correct these mistakes and give you a good foundation from which to progress. This is just one of several available tools to help you be successful.

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It’s never been easier to take a course with Treehouse. You can try out Treehouse for free, learn at your own pace, get the precise help you need, network with others and get started on your chosen high-paying career path! Start your seven-day trial to jump-start your learning journey right away.


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    Interactive Training for Beginners

    Treehouse has many Android courses to help you internalize all of the basics and the advanced concepts of Android. Building apps, creating options menus, learning permissions, testing in Android, and building a database app are just a sample of some of the skills you’ll be able to develop with our Android tracks.

    Our resources are designed to help you practice and reinforce these concepts. Practice modules and interactive videos are just some of the tools we give you to learn different Android programming and development skills that you’ll need to succeed in the job market.

    Learning a skill is a truly complicated task, but with Treehouse each of our tracks is dedicated to an individual skill that helps you focus on one concept at a time. The more tracks you take, the more you’ll develop your skill set and be able to understand the bigger picture. Learning maps and comprehensive curriculum helps you approach the course in your own way and gradually master the skills you’ll be applying at your future position.

    Quizzes, review tools, and workshops help you to further hammer home the materials, giving you all the resources you need to understand how Android is applied outside of Treehouse. This is important if you want to be able to land a job in Android development or use your newfound skills to leverage a better-paying job.

    Treehouse is as low-commitment as a programming course can be. Even if all you have is 30 minutes a day, you can learn the concepts from Treehouse. Your pace doesn’t matter, as long as you’re following what lessons, you’ll be able to commit the concepts to your skill set. If you want to start or advance your career in coding, then start learning with Treehouse.

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