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The world is in need of more technologists than ever. Schools and higher learning institutions are perfectly positioned to provide coding and design education, however often lack the structured and practical curriculum necessary to ensure high quality instruction. The challenge is made greater due to limited IT staffing typically required to ensure school computers are sufficiently capable of running the necessary coding environments. To address these challenges schools are increasingly turning to Treehouse.

Supplementing Computer Science Curriculum

Treehouse focuses not only on computer science fundamentals, but also in-demand programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript in order to ensure what is learned can be applied within the workforce following graduation.

Although Treehouse is best known for its award-winning video-based instruction, all instruction is accompanied by periodic learning reinforcement through several interactive features including:

  • Quizzes: Students demonstrate knowledge through the completion of multiple-choice quizzes.
  • Code Challenges: Reinforcing one’s understanding of programming concepts is best accomplished by writing code, so throughout our curriculum we issue code challenges. Students are asked to write code to complete a specified task, and receive real-time feedback regarding their solution. Students who are struggling with the challenge can optionally ask for hints.
  • Workspaces: Workspaces are browser-based coding environments that offer abundant features typically used by programmers including code completion, real-time syntax error detection, and hotkeys. Offering support for nine programming languages, including JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby, For real-world insights into the efficacy of workspaces, be sure to watch the below video.

Our goal with all curriculum is to not only teach the student, but also to ensure students can comfortably apply what they learn to their own and their employer’s projects.

Learning How to Code Without Access to Computers

Treehouse also removes the often immovable obstacle of requiring schools or students to possess sufficiently capable computers typically required by programmers. This is possible because 100% of Treehouse curriculum is browser-based, and we place no IP- or location-based restrictions on access. This ensures students can access assigned courses from the classroom, library, or their home, and can even do so on an iPad if a laptop isn’t available.

Our browser-based approach is particularly attractive to schools that issue Chromebooks to students. These laptops are ideal for constrained budgets and help IT administrators sleep better at night due to the cloud-based administrative capabilities. At the same time, they are relatively resource constrained and generally optimized for browser-based interactions, making Treehouse an ideal learning environment.

The Impact of Treehouse in the Computer Science Classroom

St. Petersburg, Florida-based Keswick Christian School has fully incorporated Treehouse into their 6th through 12th grade computer science curriculum. The impact is so impressive that Treehouse spent a day in their classroom. The following video highlights the impact Treehouse has had on their amazing staff and students:

Treehouse is an awesome resource. It makes me a better teacher to be able to provide so much more to this new generation. - Keswick Computer Science teacher Blaine Ruttan

Schools Using Treehouse

Many of the most prestigious universities in the world use Treehouse to supplement student and staff education. Middle and high schools also incorporate Treehouse curriculum into their computer science programs. The following logos highlight just a few of the many schools around the United States and Europe relying on our platform. Take a look, we bet you recognize (or even graduated from) at least one!

North Western Medicine logo
University of Missouri logo
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Popular Topics for School Computer Science Programs

Given the rapid evolution of technology these days, school administrators might be struggling to identify relevant computer science topics. To give you some ideas we’ve analyzed what curriculum our educational partners are assigning to students these days, and have summarized our findings here.

  • Computer Science Fundamentals: Like most things in life, when it comes to programming you have to learn how to walk before you can run. Teachers can help students start their journey into computer science by introducing them to the perennially popular algorithms and data structures.
  • Web Design: Building anything on the web requires proficiency in HTML and CSS. In recognition of this, our HTML Basics and CSS Basics courses regularly rank among the most popular within schools.
  • Programming Languages: Demand is soaring for developers with experience using programming languages like JavaScript and Python. Students with higher ambitions often opt to complete our 14 hour Python track or 56(!) hour introduction to front end web development.
  • User Experience: With users having increasingly high expectations for polished, customized software experiences, user experience experts are in high demand. Schools are responding by devoting part of their curriculum to courses such as our Introduction to Design Thinking, Introduction to Wireframing, and Creating User Experiences.

Looking for other ideas regarding how you might incorporate practical programming into your computer science curriculum? Schedule a free call with our team!

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